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Specific details about school programs are on restricted pages.  Each school has its own page and parents are given the exact URL to access their school's page.  Feel free to contact Anybody Can Play with questions concerning your school's program or to offer the program in your school.  At this time Anybody Can Play is only offering these programs in the Houston, TX and Austin, TX areas and there is a minimum enrollment requirement to begin.

ACP has violin programs in private schools in Houston and Austin.  These programs are done during the school day and consist of 2 lessons per week plus scheduled rehearsals.  Children as young as 3 may participate in these programs which continue through high school.

ACP has both violin and piano instruction available at private schools in Austin.  These programs consist of private lessons once per week and are given during the school day.  As with the violin programs, children as young as 3-years-old may participate.  Their lessons are just shorter than the older children's lessons.

This is a new exciting program beginning in some pre-schools in Houston.  This program involves all the children ages three and older, so specialized group activities are done with each class by the ACP instructor.  The ACP instructor then uses properly sized violins and works with one or two children at a time for very short time periods.  In addition ACP provides the preschool with short, easy activities for the regular pre-school teacher to do with the children on a daily basis to reinforce their learning.  

This is another program that is done with whole classes at a time.  This program is started with kindergarten aged children and continued with the grade level children.  Even at the kindergarten level, the children learn to read notation as they learn to play songs on the instrument.