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Using EZ Piano Notes in the Preschool

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The "Language Window"
What Dr. Maria Montessori called the "language window" is wide open in pre-school aged children.  They learn vast amounts of encyclopedic information quickly and easily - later conceptualizing this encyclopedic information.  For example, children don't understand the importance of learning that a certain shape is called "A" or that it has a certain sound connected with it.  Later they understand the concept of all the letters and sounds of letters they have previously learned and begin to read.

Reading Notation
Learning to play a musical instrument during this time when the "language window" is open builds an incredible number of neuron bridges in the brain which enhance later learning in the fields of science, math and language for starters!  Reading the music notation is an integral part of  learning to play a musical instrument.  This notation is in fact another language - even has its own graphics!  To read music notation well one has to observe very small changes quickly and accurately and translate a visual into a tactile.  Music notation is associated with sound as well, so even in this beginning EZ Piano Notes app the visual is connected with correct audio.  The user never hears the sound of a key unless the note for that particular key is depicted on the screen.  All the piano sounds in the EZ Piano Notes app are from a high end piano and in tune.

Using the App
EZ Piano Notes can be used on an iPad or a Smart Board connected to the iPad or other compatible device.  Use the easy game levels with the children (the green bordered icons on the Home Page).  Since Busy Buzzy Bumblebee and Pointer are always there to help the children, no assistance is needed.  In the Star Games, Pointer points to each note.  (In the higher levels, the last 5 notes are review, so Pointer does not point to them.)  In the Star+ Games, Pointer only moves slightly away from the note on the staff and waits for the user to touch the proper key.  If this is not done within a certain time limit, Pointer does go down and point to the correct key.

If the user makes a mistake, Busy Buzzy Bumblebee zooms in and erases it!  The children think this is funny, so tend to make mistakes on purpose to see Busy Buzzy Bumblebee zoom in........soooo, only two mistakes are allowed before Pointer points to the key and one more mistake is allowed when Pointer is pointing to the key.  At that point the key plays by itself and the game continues with the next note.

If the user touches the proper key, Busy Buzzy Bumblebee flies in and plants a star.  If the user correctly responds to all 20 notes in the game the icon for that game on the Home Page lights up.  When the user wins the game and touches the forward arrow, the app automatically goes to the next level game.  If too many mistakes are made in any given game, the app automatically goes to a previous game when the forward arrow is touched.

On the Home Page the user is able to go to any game desired.  Most children will want to try a "different color", but tend to go back to Home Page after just a few tries when the game is "too hard" and choose a lower level game.

Anybody Can Play is considering providing free pdf. flashcards and other manipulatives if there is enough interest.