The app can "stand alone" because the user not only learns how to play songs, but how to read music notation! However, to enhance the learning process and also give preschools, piano teachers and parents additional fun and educating activities to do with children, Anybody Can Play has free online video lessons with free activity and game sheets. The only cost is $1.99 per month for the Anybody Can Play PIANO app. EVERYTHING else is free!

The original Anybody Can Play Program has been used with thousands of children in preschools and music studios, so the topics below just give some additional information, insights and suggestions specific to these different settings that come from years of experience.

To subscribe to the Anybody Can Play PIANO app in Windows 10 click here

Have a wonderful time learning to play the piano - or helping a child learn how to play the piano.
This is a joyful, lifelong skill!

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Additional info about the Anybody Can Play PIANO APP
A computer or tablet is needed that uses Windows 10. A touch screen can be used with or without an attached keyboard or controller. An attached MIDI keyboard or controller (as small as 25 keys) is needed with a non-touch screen.
To subscribe to the Anybody Can Play PIANO app in Windows 10 click here.