Anybody Can Play began over 40 years ago by Karla Johnson Hastings Crossett. She has loved music all her life and, since her own public musical debut was at the age of 3, she has always been interested in teaching the young learner. With her unique background of music and languages, she was able to devise a method which parallels language. This makes it possible to teach very young children how to play the piano. Reading skills are not needed - only speech.

The benefits of early applied music (that is, actually learning to play an instrument - piano being "highest on the list") are incredible. However, the method of teaching has to be appropriate, workable and enjoyable.

Intrigued with the learning process, Karla read Dr. Maria Montessori's books, Dr. Suzuki's books and others, and coupled with the memory of the way she learned to play and read music notation as a young child developed her successful piano and violin curriculum for young children. She had studio programs as well as pre-school programs in her area, then set up a pre-school piano program in the US and Canada for a major piano company in the late 1980's. She used the latest technology at that time - would you believe, audio cassette tapes?! 

She has continued her interest in technology over the years and has now come out with her second inter-active music app which teaches beginners as young as three-years-old how to play the piano using only a tablet, or touch screen computer. With both non-touch screens and touch screens the app also works with a midi keyboard or controller as well.  It is quite amazing to watch young children immediately understand and play the keyboard with the Anybody Can Play PIANO app. Children truly can use this app independently.

Karla Crossett is a conservatory trained musician who plays several instruments, was graduated summa cum laude (in languages) and is married with 5 children, 2 step-children and many grandchildren.


If you just read “HISTORY”, you know that Karla has dedicated herself to teaching young children how to play a musical instrument for literally decades.

At this point in her career, Karla is primarily in the process of setting up free types of instruction with activities, games, fun worksheets, etc. for implementing music programs utilizing the Anybody Can Play PIANO app. All these programs complement the app so can be used singly, together, parts from different ones used together.... Parents and teachers need absolutely no prior music training. The total cost is $1.99 per month for the app so it is very affordable to implement a phenomenal music program culminating in the children’s ability to play and read music!

Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument promotes incredible brain development…mainly because both sides of the brain need to work together. The younger the instruction begins, the greater the development….and this is transferable to other skills.

It is exciting to think about the greatly enhanced academic success - and confidence - this could give to children who have learned to play songs on the piano as well as read music notation!

Anybody Can Play PIANO APP

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EZ Piano Notes features Busy Buzzy Bumblebee for enhancing the learning of notes.
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