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ANYBODY CAN PLAY and SOFT MOZART (a computer based piano lesson program) are now working as a team. For information about or to purchase the Anybody Can Play Soft Mozart program for use in pre-schools and/or home please click here.

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EZ PIANO NOTES: Our new Apple iPad App!

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WELCOME! We have been teaching tens of thousands of children as young as two years old to play the piano for nearly four decades. Our mission has been to provide enjoyable, affordable, accessible lessons for any child who wishes to learn to play the piano. With the age of apps this dream becomes closer to reality.

Learning to read and respond to music notation can be difficult and tedious, but with the help of Busy Buzzy Bumblebee and Pointer it can actually be fun!  EZ Piano Notes can be used with very young children as well as older children and adults who are first learning to read - or just want a review!

*** A quick overview of the EZ Piano Notes App.***

EZ Piano Notes home page:
Pointer helps with all new notes in the "Star" games,  In the "Star +" games the user has to find and touch the proper key without Pointer's help.
 It may be difficult to see here, but 3 treble icons and 1 bass icon have been "lit up". These games have been completed perfectly!

   Pointer helps
by pointing to the
correct key.

It is frustrating to make a mistake, so Busy Buzzy Bumblebee
simply zooms in and erases mistakes!  We have had a bit of a
problem with this because children enjoy seeing him zoom in
and erase so they make mistakes on purpose!

The reward for
 tapping the correct key is a visit from
Busy Buzzy Bumblebee flying in and planting a star!


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