This page is for Preschool Piano Lessons that utilize the Anybody Can Play PIANO app,
which is the endlessly patient practice tutor for the student.
These lessons are appropriate for use in preschools as well as for homeschoolers and parents.

Teaching young children how to play the piano intiates tremendous brain development. The Anybody Can Play PIANO app can be used independently by a child as young as 3, so is a great practice tutor. I am now adding activity sheets and games with detailed instructions that can be used by teachers and parents for teaching additional music theory and technique. I am also putting some of these activities onto videos for YouTube, called "Tidbits" since each is a small tidbit of musical knowledge. I will add some of them to this page as well when appropriate to an activity.
To go to the Tidbit page with direct YouTube links, click Tidbits Page

And now....the Freebie PDFs List! All include detailed instructions for use.

This PDF describes the initial presentation for children in the preschool setting The images and activity sheets used in the presentation are all individual PDFs since many are used in later settings.
To download this Presentation, click Presentation..

To download these giant keys, click Giant Keys..
To download these giant keys with the pink and blue crayons,
click Giant Keys with Crayons..
To download this color coded right hand, click Color Coded Right Hand..

***A Tidbit Video: FINGER COLORS: RH: TICK TOCK: click here

To download this pink and blue color coded right hand,
click Pink and Blue color coded hand.
To download the Tick Tock practice sheet,
click Tick Tock Take Home Sheet..

To download the giant quarter notes, click Giant Quarter Note..
To download the giant flowers, click Flowers..

These quarter notes are for "walking" along those shoe steps since quarter notes just "walk, walk, walk, walk". The Shoe Steps are included on the walking quarter note PDF as well as a separate PDF.
To download these walking quarter notes, click Walking Quarter Notes..

To download the green grass shoe print sheet, click Shoe Prints..

The brief "manual" for Tick Tock uses the presentation PDFs plus the practice keyboard for those children who do not yet have the App and a keyboard.

To download this Tick Tock Manual. click Tick Tock Manual..
To download this Tick Tock Practice Sheet. click Tick Tock Practice Sheet..

This is an activity sheet for children to practice tapping their "pink" and "blue" right hand fingers.
To download this tap the dots exercise, click Tap Those Dots.

By this time, children are progressing at their own pace, so activity sheets, games, etc. can be done when appropriate.

To download More Songs, click More Songs..

This is a tap the dots sheet for Rain Rain Go Away.
To download this tap the dots exercise, click Tap Those Brown Green Red Dots.

This is simply a coloring activity...Fill in the notehead so both notes are quarter notes.
To download the quarter note to color, click Color the quarter note.

A tracing activity.....
To download this tracing exercise, click Trace the note.

These are some Same and Different Activity Sheets - 3 different levels - complete with answer sheets. To download this PDF, click Same Different Sheets.

Credit card sized quarter, half and eighth note flashcards...
To download the credit card sized quarter notes, click Credit Card Quarter Notes.

To download the credit card sized half and eighth notes, click
Credit Card Half and Eighth Notes.

Giant half notes.....and the smaller "walk wait" half notes with the green grass shoe prints....
To download the giant half note, click Giant Half Note.

To download the walk wait half notes and green grass shoe print sheet,
click Walk Wait half notes.

Giant eighth notes: right side up, upside down, and multiple
To download these different types of eighth notes, click Giant Eighth notes.

...And our running eighth notes with the green grass shoe prints!
To download these running eighth notes, click Running Eighth notes.

Practice tracing those notes.
To download this tracing activity sheet, click Tracing notes.

This is a patterning exercise - finding those 2 and 3 black key groups.
To download this activity sheet, click Finding key groups.

***A "Tidbit" video: KEY PATTERNING: click here
***Another Tidbit video: CIRCLE THE 3s: click here
***And another Tidbit video: Circle the 2S: click here

These key strips fit over the black keys so the children can find the proper keys on the keyboard when it is difficult to "translate" from the computer screen. Some are marked for certain songs and others are blank - another exercise in patterning and positioning!
To download these Key Strips, click Key Strips.

Giant keys with coding for Hot Cross Buns...a tapping exercise with plastic clothespins....Fun!!
To download this color coded giant 2 black key group, click
Two Black Key Group color coded.

Three levels of music beat activities using the Hot Cross Buns song.
To download "walk, walk wait, and run run" beat boxes for tapping with our fun plastic clothespin,
click Hot Cross Buns Beat Boxes with arrows.

To download beat boxes with beat numbers added, click Beat Boxes with beat numbers.

To download beat boxes for counting through Hot Cross Buns,
click Beat Boxes for Hot Cross Buns.

Our Giant Whole Note: walk wait wait wait - and - our walking whole notes.
To download that giant whole note, click Giant Whole Note.

To download those walk wait wait wait whole notes and green grass shoe prints, click WalkWaitWaitWait Whole Notes.

These are "drive around" activities for the students who are in the process of learning
the letter names of the piano keys.

To download that giant A, click Giant A.
To download that giant B, click Giant B.
To download that giant C, click Giant C.
To download that giant D, click Giant D.
To download that giant E, click Giant E.
To download that giant F, click Giant F.
To download that giant G, click Giant G.

This is a tap the dots sheet for tapping dots with both hands - same colors, different fingers.
To download this tap the dots exercise, click Tap Dots In A Row.

Sometimes it is a good idea to have little hands reminding one of the color coding and finger numbers:)
To download these little coded finger sets, click Two Tiny Hands.

This is an activity for learning to read notation.
To download these little coded finger sets, click Match Those Notes.

When students start reading notation either with the Anybody Can Play Piano app or another way, I like to introduce simple songs that have additional variations. This gives students the impetus to move ahead in order to play the more complicated versions of the song.
This is also a Sunday School song with a joyous message!
See My Smile: Part 1 simple right hand only.

See My Smile: Parts 1 & 2 simple right hand only.
Contrary motion #1.
Contrary motion #2
Contrary motion #3.

To download See My Smile variations, click See My Smile variations.

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