The PDFs and videos listed on this page are totally free. You do not have to sign up for anything in order to download or view. Most of the PDFs are multi page, so always take a look to see if the PDF is appropriate for your needs.
More PDFs for music theory activities are listed on the PDF page (under "More")

We do, however, have a three PDF Packet of printed lesson instructions for beginners available on Etsy for those who want more related activies, want to set up a school/studio/group program, or........:
150+ pages - $1.99 total cost - search "anybody can play" on Etsy.
And, as I ALWAYS say..... Have fun while learning music!

FREE PDFs for downloading

1. Practice xylophones: This is a four page PDF with 3 color coded xylophones and one with white tone bars so it can be color coded to a personal xylophone.
These are true to size, so copy and preferably laminate or put into a protective cover for extended use. Use the eraser on a pencil for that little ball end of the mallet.
To download, just click on Practice Xylophones to print out.
1. Xylophone notation for Jesus Loves Me:
This two page PDF has regular notation for the song
plus a page showing the xylophone notes in order with tone key names.
To download, just click on Jesus Loves Me to print out.

2. Amazing Grace:
This four page PDF has xylophone notation plus a piano part that can be used an an accompaniment - or a solo:
To download, just click on Amazing Grace to print out.

3. Praise Him, Praise Him piano parts:
This three page PDF has two different versions of a piano accompaniment (or solo) for this song.
To download, just click on Praise Him to print out.

4. Xylophone notation for Praise Him, Praise Him:
This four page PDF has "regular" notes for the song plus visual note-to-tone bar pages.
One has the tone bars colored and the other has white tone bars so it can be color-coded to individual xylophones.
To download, just click on xyloNotes to print out.

Instructional Xylophone Songs on youtube

My instructional xylophone song Playlist:

To go directly to the Xylophone Playlist, click here.

Individual song links in order by difficulty...easy first....

1. Learn "Basics": click here." This is a 3 minute 20 second video teaching a simple C through G exercise - first very slowly, then faster with the "ding" mallet showing, then up to speed - no "ding" mallet.
2. "Hot Cross Buns": click here. Hot Cross Buns is simply visual - 25 seconds long. The mallet tips toward the next tone bar being played, then lands on the bar. This is the procedure throughout the entire video.
3. "Fluttering Butterflies": click here. This is a 28 second video. Mallet on the tone bar, tips toward next tone bar, lands on that bar, etc. etc.

4. "The B-I-B-l-E": click here" This is a 41 second video with the timings listed for the beginning of each part. If you click on the time the video will "jump" to that part.

5. "Jesus Loves Me": click here. This is a 55 second video - totally visual. This is one of the songs in the xylophone instruction packet available on Etsy.

6. "Praise Him Praise Him": click here." This is 33 seconds long - visual instruction only. It has the timings listed, but unfortunately only one is "hot".

7. "Amazing Grace" click here. This video is 8 minutes, 42 seconds long. This has spoken instructions along with the process of learning part by part. All the parts are listed with beginning times and they are all functioning so will jump to that part when clicked. This also has the piano accompaniment on the video.


Anybody Can Play PIANO APP

To subscribe to the Anybody Can Play PIANO app in Windows 10 click here.
First week is free - $1.99/mo to continue.


EZ Piano Notes features Busy Buzzy Bumblbee for enhancing the learning of notes.
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