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Steps Overview

Since there are generally coordinators supervising school programs, "Coordinator" materials are also included with each step.

Teacher materials are also included....and remember, Mom and Dad or older sibling are "teachers" too.

The Anybody Can Play PIANO curriculum is considered a language parallel, vertical curriculum. What that means is: after a song is learned it should still be played for continual improvement, and with every song on the app something new is added. Therefore, it is important that each song be learned so well that it is played with ease, memorized, and able to be played on any piano with no "stickers on the keys" help.


Even though different materials are listed under different headings, the Coordinator is responsible for scheduling as well as acquiring and distributing all materials.

To Tick Tock Chart

There are 2 different sized charts with visual instructions for going to Tick Tock on the computer/tablet. These should be attached to the computer.
Just click on To Tick Tock to print out.

Coordinator Binder Cover plus Prep Instructions

Cover sheets plus beginning preparation instructions are included.
Just click onCoordinator Binder to print out.


Binder Cover slip-in sheets

These sheets are slipping into a binder cover, spine, and back.
Just click on Teacher Binder Cover to print out.

Instruction Sheets

These sheets give a timeline for daily, weekly, or "one time" activities, plus general information.
Just click on Step 1 Instructions to print out.

Practice Chart

The children's Practice Chart with instructions
Just click on Practice Chart to print out.


Pink and Blue Finger :Colors

These sheets are for color coding two right hand fingers. All instructions are included.
Just click on My Pink and Blue Fingers! to print out.


Two versions of TICK TOCK are available on In both cases they can be used "audio" only - although they are fun to watch.

Both versions are on the Playlist named "Step One".
To go directly to the Step One Playlist click here.


Four additional videos may be of some interest for teachers to watch.

1. TTips: Tick Tock Song (1 minute)
2. TTips...Xylophone Dots Tick Tock (51 seconds long)
3. Anybody Can Play PIANO Functions (5 minutes 32 seconds long)
4. Peg Board (39 seconds)

To go directly to this Step One Teacher Tips Playlist on click here.